How do I recover from a slip when quitting smoking?

What if you do smoke? The difference between a slip and a relapse is within your control. A slip is a one-time mistake that is quickly corrected -- a relapse is going back to smoking. You can use the slip as an excuse to go back to smoking, or you can look at what went wrong and renew your commitment to staying away from smoking for good.
Even if you do relapse, try not to get too discouraged. Very few people are able to quit for good on the first try. In fact, it takes most people many attempts before quitting for good. What's important is figuring out what helped you when you tried to quit and what worked against you. You can then use this information to make a stronger attempt at quitting the next time.
Ximena Jimenez
Nutrition & Dietetics
For some people quitting smoking may take many attempts, while others may quit cold turkey. If you had a slip, it could be helpful to figure out what trigger it. If you notice that drinking coffee in the morning may make you light up a cigarette; switch to tea, fat-free milk and vegetable/fruit juice. Beware that alcohol may also reduce your resolve to quit smoking. It will be wise to modify situations you know that tempt you.

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