Can changing my routine help me stop smoking?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Changing your routine in even small ways can definitely help you quit smoking. One of the most common triggers for people to smoke is boredom. When you're looking for something to do, it's easy to reach for a cigarette. 

Try to replace that unhealthy habit of smoking with positive, healthy ones. Develop a new hobby, get moving by walking or exercising, or take a class. If you were in the habit of smoking after a meal, change the time you eat and leave the table once the meal is done. Keeping your mind and body busy is one of the best ways to quit smoking.

Irwin Isaacs
Yes, because lighting up is usually done according to an established routine; such as right after coffee, or always with a drink.
Robert S. Kaufmann, MD
Internal Medicine
I think if you are used to smoking a cigarette after eating then I would do some other activity after eating like go for a walk or if I was at a bar and wanted to smoke while drinking I would go to a bar that does not allow smoking.  I think you have got to put yourself in a different position where you won't have the ability to smoke.
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

Definitely.  You should, in fact, change your routine by exercising and doing and extra 30 minutes of walking every day.  So, definitely change your routine.  Then add weight lifting to it if you already do not.  Next is, all the things you normally do when you smoke, such as you may drive or have a cup of coffee, or go with certain friends, you have to, in fact, abandon the friends who smoke, maybe even get them to stop smoking would be an advantage.

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