How do other illnesses affect small intestine cancer?

Having certain digestive diseases -- Crohn's disease and celiac disease -- increases your risk of developing small intestine cancer. An earlier diagnosis of colon cancer can also make you more likely to have small intestine cancer later. Finally, several inherited conditions -- familial adenomatous polyposis, hereditary nonpolyposis, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, and cystic fibrosis -- can also raise your risk of small intestine cancer.

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How does small intestine cancer affect the body?
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As all cancers can, small intestine cancer can spread to other parts of your body through surroundin...
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What are alternative treatments for small intestine cancer?
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An alternative treatment is any treatment that is not currently part of established medicine as prac...
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What is small intestine cancer?
John E. Linn, MDJohn E. Linn, MD
There are different types of small intestinal or small bowel cancer. The most common type is called ...
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How is small intestine cancer cured?
Dr. Jill K. Onesti, MDDr. Jill K. Onesti, MD
Survival for small intestine cancer depends on which type of cancer it is (adenocarcinoma, carcinoid...
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