How can digestive issues affect babies’ sleep?

Tummy troubles can spell sleep disaster for even the most prepared family. Babies have all sorts of tummy issues throughout their first years. When newborn, they are still adjusting to digestion, and they feel their digestive actions quite acutely. For breastfed newborns, moms can try adjusting their diets. Common causes of tummy troubles in infants include chocolate, dairy, and caffeine in mom’s diet. Check with your pediatrician, then try eliminating these foods from your diet, one at a time, for several days. Formula-fed babies can have trouble with dairy proteins, lactose, or soy. Ask your doctor about trying a new formula. For older babies on solids, think back to see if her sleep problems worsened after introducing a new food. By process of elimination, experiment to see if removing a particular food helps her digestion and sleep.

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