Easy Tip for Good Sleep

Easy Tip for Good Sleep

What time do you shower? Your answer could have an effect on how well you sleep.

For good sleep, you should shower -- and perform all your daily activities -- at the same time each day. Research shows that older adults who stick to a routine when it comes to personal care tend to fall asleep faster and enjoy better sleep quality compared with folks who have erratic schedules.

Sleep and the Signs of Aging
Sleep quality tends to go down as we get older. It's all due to natural changes and signs of aging that are out of our control and affect the sleep/wake cycle. And it's probably why more than 50% of older adults report suffering from insomnia. But here's a way to get good sleep even as the years go by: Stick to a schedule. Not only with daily activities -- like bathing, dressing, and eating -- but also with weekly ones -- like shopping, cleaning, and meeting up with friends. Doing so may help reinforce circadian cycles.

Keep It Regular
In the study, keeping on schedule with daily activities had a slightly bigger impact on improving sleep than did sticking to a routine with weekly activities -- probably because daily activities are often integrated into nightly bedtime routines. Once you get yourself on a schedule, use these additional strategies for good sleep:

Watch this video to see how a lack of sleep can affect your looks and accelerate the signs of aging.

Find out what's preventing you from getting a good night's sleep with the sleep health assessment.

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