Why is a good sleep important?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Your body needs time to rest and regenerate, and getting enough ZZZZs will give you more energy and make your waking hours more productive and enjoyable. Sleeping just two hours less than normal impairs your judgment and reaction time to the same extent as a blood alcohol level of 0.12. This level is 50 percent higher than the level at which most states say drivers are inebriated. And you need your sleep to prevent aging of your immune system. So, enjoy a full night's sleep every night. It can make your RealAge (physiologic age) at least three years younger.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Poor sleep raises your blood pressure (and nightmares may increase your heart rate and stiffness in your blood vessels), so take a little time to get a peaceful seven to eight hours each night. Try these tricks:

• Get 20 minutes of sun daily to increase melatonin (the sleep hormone) at night.

• Try a little lemon balm. One study found that it reduced anxiety, nervousness, and sleep disturbances in 90% of patients.

• Listen to relaxing music at night, which has been shown to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and may help decrease nightmares.


Lisa Oz
Health Education
How do you know what is enough? Well, here is a hint - if you can not function without coffee, you need more sleep. Most of us take sleep completely for granted and view it, depending on our temperament, as either an all-too-infrequent luxury or a necessary evil that prevents us from working the full twenty-four hours in a day. We, as a culture, are chronically sleep-deprived and inanely proud of it. How many times have you stumbled for the coffeepot and lamely explained, "I was up until four in the morning," as if you deserved some sort of merit badge? Persistent lack of sleep can result in impaired cognitive function, depression, irritability, hypertension, and - horror of horrors - weight gain! If you want to make sure your body is in top performance mode, give it the time it needs for rest and rejuvenation.
Kelly Traver
Internal Medicine

We need sleep to feel refreshed and alert, but we also need it to reduce the risk of becoming obese and developing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, infections, and even cancer.

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