Can sleeping well help me live longer?

A study in the journal Sleep indicates that sleep factors big time into one’s quality of life and longevity. This is an important study because it’s the first to look at sleep issues in a large sample of exceptionally old adults--including 3,927 who were between 90 and 99 years of age and 2,800 people who had reached the century mark!

Some of the finer details and findings of this latest study, which took place among China’s elderly population, were:

• 65% of the sample reported that their sleep quality was good or very good, and the weighted average daily sleep time was about 7.5 hours including naps.

• The oldest adults aged 100 and above were 70% more likely to report good sleep quality than younger participants aged 65 to 79, after controlling for variables such as demographic characteristics, socioeconomic status and health conditions.

• Men were 23% more likely than women to report sleeping well.

• Health problems were associated with worse sleep quality.

• The odds of reporting good sleep quality also were lower in people who often felt anxious, had at least one chronic disease or struggled with everyday tasks.

• 84% more likely to report sleeping well if they had adequate medical services, and they were 56% more likely to report good sleep quality if their family was in good economic condition.

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