How can I get enough sleep if I’m an early riser?

Here are some tips for early risers:

• Avoid caffeine within eight hours, if possible, of your bedtime. That can be as early as noon for the early riser.

• Watch out for caffeine lurking in other products, like headache medicine, chocolate, and energy drinks.

• Think about going a little lighter on the caffeine if you’re older than 40. At appears that the older you are, the more caffeine will interrupt your sleep.

• Get treatment for any sleep disorders. If you’re a snorer (ask your partner!) then you may have sleep apnea. Untreated sufferers of sleep apnea never feel fully rested, which can result in chronic sleep deprivation that can be life-threatening. They will also threaten your livelihood during the day.

• Explore ways of reducing the effects of their challenging schedules. For example, taking restorative naps--meaning a nap either 20-35 minutes in length or 90 minutes long--about 8 hours after you wake can be very effective. Anything in the 35-90 minute range could actually make you sleepier!

• Plan your day around your sleep. Try to eat dinner early, and avoid heavy meals that can keep you up with indigestion. Get some exercise in and experiment with the time of day that helps you sleep better at night.

And lastly, be more mindful about building boundaries into your life. Don’t start watching a movie or reading a thriller at 9:00 at night if you know it will keep you up late. Avoid pushing the limits of your bedtime when there’s no limit to be pushed in the morning.

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