Does a more expensive moisturizer mean it works better?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Not necessarily. More expensive does not always mean better. Sometimes, the expensive part is actually the packaging, and not the actual moisturizing ingredients.

Patricia Farris, MD

Expensive moisturizers are sold primarily in salons and spas and at high end retail stores. More expensive moisturizers do not necessarily work better and some of these products will cost you over a hundred dollars. The higher cost is usually a reflection of the amount of money spent on pretty packaging and on celebrity endorsements. Sometimes these moisturizers tout expensive ingredients like caviar or gold that sound glamorous but don’t really help the skin.

 Some of the best moisturizers are those that are found in the drug store or discount stores and are marketed by major consumer brands. These companies provide excellent moisturizing products at very reasonable prices. For daytime use make sure you choose a moisturizer with sunscreen added.

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