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What treatments can reduce the appearance of scars?

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    There are several medical procedures available to help reduce the appearance of scars:
    • Laser Surgery & Resurfacing - The redness of scars may be
      reduced by treatment with a vascular laser. It has been
      theorised that removing layers of skin with a carbon dioxide
      laser may help flatten scars, although this treatment is still
    • Steroid injections - A long term course of steroid injections under
      medical supervision, into the scar may help flatten and soften
      the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars. The steroid is
      injected into the scar itself; since very little is absorbed into
      the blood stream, side effects of this treatment are minor. This
      treatment is repeated at 4-6 week intervals.
    • Pressure garments - These should be used only under
      supervision by a medical professional. They are most often
      used for burn scars that cover a large area, this treatment is
      only effective on recent scars.
    • Radiotherapy - Low-dose, superficial radiotherapy, is used to
      prevent re-occurrence of severe keloid and hypertrophic
      scarring. It is usually effective, but only used in extreme cases
      due to the risk of long-term side effects.
    • Dermabrasion - Dermabrasion involves the removal of the surface
      of the skin with specialist equipment and usually involves a
      general anaesthetic. It is useful with raised scars, but is less
      effective when the scar sunken below the surrounding skin.
    • Collagen injections - Collagen injections can be used to raise
      sunken scars to the level of surrounding skin. Its effects are
      however temporary, and it needs to be regularly repeated.
      There is also a risk in some people of an allergic reaction.
    • Other treatments - There are also a number of gel sheets available
      which are usually made from silicone, which can help to flatten
      and soften raised scars if worn regularly. Silicone, pressure,
      occlusion, topical cortisone and vitamin E have all been shown
      to decrease the collagen that forms scars. Patches and pads
      help but are unsightly so people tend to quit. A popular
      treatment among plastic surgeons is Scarfade, a silicone gel
      that improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal
      or excessive scar formation. Also chemical peels performed by
      a dermatologist using glycolic acid can be used to minimize
      acne scarring.
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