As a veteran, how can I gain the strength to cope with a disfiguring burn?

In addition to dealing with a traumatic injury, dealing with the grief that follows is difficult. The painful, disfiguring burn can cause loss of control over other aspects of your life, especially if you were physically active. You may have noticed that those facets of life that once depended on your abilities and strength no longer do. Instead of being in control of your destiny, you may feel the burn controls every aspect of your life. However, there is a fine line between what you think you cannot control and what you absolutely cannot control. The key to dealing with trauma such as a disfiguring burn is to make sure you understand this distinction.

Start by setting goals each day to tackle a new area that you have lost control over. Perhaps you have been unable to meet with old friends because of the burn. Start by meeting with one friend. Talk about your burn and answer questions your friend might have. Consider going to a meeting with several friends. The more you face your fears and take steps to be with other people, the more control you will gain over your life. Take one small step after another until you regain control and confidence in all areas of your life again.

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