How do I bandage my skin injury?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner
When you leave your skin injury open to the air, you may promote healing, but you also leave your wound open to infection, especially if it is in an area that could get dirty or rubbed by clothing. To properly care for your minor skin injury, you must cover it using a bandage. These steps show you how.
  1. Use the correct bandage. Make sure you choose a sterile dressing that will cover the wound. If you find you are allergic to a certain type of adhesive, ask your pharmacist to help you choose a better option.
  2. Change the bandage. Make sure you change your bandage at least once a day. Also, change the bandage if it becomes wet or dirty.
  3. Remove the bandage when the wound has healed. After the risk of infection has passed, expose the wound to the air.

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