When should I call my doctor if I have atopic dermatitis?

You should call your doctor if you have already been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and you are having a flare of worsening symptoms. You may also want to call your doctor if you have not yet been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis but you believe you are experiencing symptoms of the condition. Your doctor can do an exam and tests to diagnose your condition and can create a treatment plan to help you manage the condition.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that runs in families and causes skin to feel dry and itchy and develop rashes, especially behind the knees and elbows, on the hands and feet, and (especially in infants) on the face. The disease is chronic, but treatments can help you manage atopic dermatitis. Creating a treatment plan with your doctor is important to:
  • prevent atopic dermatitis from getting worse
  • calm the skin and relieve pain and itching
  • reduce emotional stress
  • prevent infections
  • stop the skin from thickening

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