What is Z-plasty treatment?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
A Z-plasty is simply a form of flap reconstruction in which the two flaps of the Z are rotated 90 degrees and allow the scar to be transferred in a new direction which may minimize its appearance. Z-plasties have been shown to lengthen  the scar and rearranging the tissue in a transformational flap form. The flaps of the Z-plasty can vary. For example, 30 degrees to 90 degrees which can increase the length of the scar in a perpendicular direction.
Daniel Kapp
Daniel Kapp on behalf of MDLIVE
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

A Z-plasty treatment is one method for hiding an unsightly scar.  It works by lengthening the scar and rearranging the tissue in a zigzag direction which may make play an optical illusion and make the scar less noticeable to a casual observer.

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