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What are natural ways to soothe poison ivy rash?

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    Here are natural ways to soothe poison ivy rash:

    1. Wash the contact area thoroughly. Because urushiol, a chemical which irritates your skin and can produce a severe allergic reaction, is an oily substance, water alone will not remove it; be sure to scrub with soap and water.

    2. Crush dandelion greens. Apply to effected area as poultice, changing every hour. You can also put these into a blender with aloe gel and honey to make a smoother poultice.

    3. Scrape aloe gel directly from the plant and apply generously to the affected area. This can lessen the symptoms of burning, itching and pain.

    4. Mash plantain leaves and apply as poultice, changing every hour to relieve itching.

    5. Chickweed root, magnolia flower, chrysanthemum flower and kudzu root are part of a traditional Chinese formula, which is used to reduce the allergic and inflammatory responses.
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