What can a teacher do to help a student with albinism?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Those suffering with albinism can face both physical and emotional challenges. Teachers can help students with the condition by allowing them flexible seating for highly visual activity. Additionally, teachers can help prepare the entire class for the student through sensitivity training.

There are several suggested differentiations for classrooms that have students with albinism in them. Since such students may have vision difficulties, work with the parents, other school staff, and the student to find the best way for the student to see classroom work. A seat at the front of the class, a magnifying device or technology, larger-print photocopies, a buddy system for peer assistance during the lesson, and seating the student away from bright windows may help. It is important to consider the student's individual needs, as not all the above may be necessary or helpful for a particular person.

You should also be aware of teasing that may happen because of differences in the student's appearance and address it sensitively and in collaboration with students, parents, and school staff.

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