Can I get dermatitis from work?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
You can get dermatitis from the workplace. This type of dermatitis, known as occupational eczema, usually occurs when a person’s job requires him or her to come into constant contact with an irritating substance. Certain professions make you more susceptible to occupational eczema, including those of housekeeper, bricklayer, worker in the metallurgic or mechanical industry, hairdresser, and health-care worker.

Talk with your doctor about how to minimize exposure to workplace irritants.
As many as 13 million individuals may be exposed to chemicals at work that can be absorbed into the skin. Those chemicals can cause a variety of skin conditions, and dermatitis is one of the most common of those conditions.

Industries that might expose you to allergens or irritants that could cause dermatitis include cleaning, cosmetology, agriculture, and many others. Working with portland cement and metalworking fluids can raise your risk of work-related dermatitis.

Wearing gloves when you are working with chemicals and covering any exposed skin may help prevent dermatitis that you would otherwise get from contacting irritants and allergens.

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