What You Need to Know About Melanoma

Must-Know Facts About Immunotherapy Learn more about this exciting cancer treatment.
What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and the most treatable, if caught early. There are several types of skin cancer. We ...

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Weird Spots for Skin Cancer
9 Sunscreen Mistakes You Don't Have to Make
How to Perform a Skin Cancer Self-Check
What Really Works to Fight Skin Cancer
Different Skin Cancer Spots and What They Mean

The statistics on skin cancer are scary: One in five Americans will develop it, and one person dies of skin cancer -- usually melanoma, a rare but ser...

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6 Foods Your Skin Will Love
Consuming Caffeine May Reduce Risk of Melanoma

On the album, At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash sings about Joe Bean, a career criminal headed to the gallows on his birthday for a shooting he could not ...

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Melanoma Diagnosis More Deadly for Men than Women
How to Keep Melanoma From Coming Back
4 Ways to Protect Your Skin After Skin Cancer