When can I start treatment to prevent burn scars?

Treatment to prevent burn scars depends on the degree or severity or the burn. For first-degree and second-degree burns that can typically be treated at home:
  • Be sure to keep the damaged area covered with a bandage, and keep the wound moist and bacteria-free.
  • Topical treatments are commonly used to try to prevent scars from appearing. Aloe, for instance, is often used to soothe the burn and smooth the skin. Applying it a few times daily might help the healing process.
Third-degree burns require medical attention for treatment and prevention of scars. 
Alexander M. Majidian, MD
Plastic Surgery
Scar prevention treatment can be started after the skin completely heals from a burn, says Alexander Majidian, MD, FACS of the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital. Watch this video to learn when you can start to treat your burn from home. 

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