What kind of bandage is used to treat a child's burns?

Generally, bandages that are easy to change and comfortable are used for children. The bandage must also provide adequate protection. There are a wide variety of choices available. Your physician will guide you on the type of bandage to use, based on the type and extent of the burn. Some of the dressings available today are long lasting and only need to be changed every three to seven days.

  • If the burned skin or blisters have not broken open, a bandage may not be needed.
  • If the burned skin or unbroken blisters are likely to become dirty or be irritated by clothing, apply a bandage.
  • If the burned skin or blisters have broken open, a bandage is needed. To further help prevent infection, apply a clean bandage whenever the bandage gets wet or soiled. If a bandage is stuck to a burn, soak it in warm water to make the bandage easier to remove. If available, use a nonstick dressing. Be sure to read the product label for correct use.
  • Wrap the burn loosely to avoid putting pressure on the burned skin.
  • Do not tape a bandage so that it circles a hand, arm, or leg. This can cause swelling.

There are many nonprescription burn dressings available.

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