What eye cream do experts recommend?

Dr. Oz did a segment about puffy eyes and some remedies you can use to reduce the appearance of the puffiness.

Here is a video of the segment that is very informative. I hope this helps with your decision making.

James M.. Wilmott
A truly effective product is one that addresses all of the problems that are associated with the eye area. These include: bags, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and a lack of firmness and elasticity. The best products both treat and protect the skin. There should be an immediate and long-term benefit. Some of the long-term benefits include:
  • Enhance lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluids and reduce puffiness. (e.g hesperidin)
  • Strengthen capillary walls to prevent hemoglobin leakage (e.g. Vitamin K, rutinyl sulfate)
  • Inhibit the pigmentation process (e.g. licorice, ascorbic acid)
  • Bind iron to prevent greater oxidation of lipids (e.g. phytic acid, EDTA)
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production to help firm the skin (e.g. peptides, retinol derivatives)
  • Provide required moisture content to thicken the skin and allow it to work properly (e.g.hyaluronic acid)
  • Constrict blood vessels and capillaries (e.g. caffeine)
  • Reduce inflammation and minimize histamine formation (e.g. allantoin, bisabolol, licorice, remove harmful emulsifiers and fragrances)
  • Protect the skin with physical UV filters and antioxidants (e.g. titanium dioxide, tocopherol)
Note: It is important to choose an eye-area product that does not contain any ingredients that could be harmful to the eyes. Look for a product that has been clinically-tested or dermatologist-tested, without fragrance, and preferably without ethoxylated emulsifiers.

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