How should I treat puffy eyes in the morning?

Eyes can look swollen from allergies, too much partying, too much computer time, too little sleep, or loose undereye skin caused by heredity or aging. But you may also have some hereditary issues that make it more challenging. Whatever the cause, here are three ways to deflate undereye baggage fast.
  • Remember the power of the cucumber. Veggies contain a combo of mild natural acids that reduce water retention. Some beauty pros say cucumbers work best when they’re cold, which makes sense: Because cucumbers are 90 percent water, chilled slices are like delicate, little ice packs.
  • Reach for the peas. Any bag of frozen food will do, but frozen baby peas have a way of fitting into the nooks and crannies around your eyes. Put a soft cloth around the plastic package to protect your skin from the frigid surface, then chill out for five to fifteen minutes while the cold shrinks the swelling. No peas? Rest a spoon in a glass of ice water for about thirty seconds, until it’s really cold. Nestle the curved back of the spoon into the hollow of your eye, gently rolling it around, for another thirty seconds; then rechill it and do the other eye. On a really bad morning, repeat. The cold will bring the puffy swelling down in a flash. Your whole body will feel a little more awake, and you’ll feel ready to begin your day.
  • Make a milk bath. Milk (whole, not skim) is a natural soother if eyes are irritated as well as puffy. Other ingredients in milk that calm swollen skin include protein, amino acids, lactic acid, and vitamins A and D. Pour milk into a bowl of ice so it gets really cold, saturate a clean washcloth, and apply to eyes for up to fifteen minutes. Soak and reapply when the cloth loses its cool.
  • If puffy eyes are a chronic problem, eye-shaped packs filled with gel that freezes are a worthwhile investment ... and they don’t drip.
From The Mind-Beauty Connection: 9 Days to Less Stress, Gorgeous Skin, and a Whole New You by Amy Wechsler.

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