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How does a glycolic acid peel work?

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    The brand name is Refinity Peel. This peel combines 70% alpha hydroxy acid with cosmederm-7, a clinically proven anti-irritant. You receive a high level of exfoliation with minimal irritation or redness. Your skin will feel firmer and more hydrated. Also, fine lines, skin discoloration, and age spots will appear diminished. I recommend one treatment per month for two or three months, and then one treatment every three to four months as maintenance.
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    A glycolic acid peel involves the application of a solution to your face with a sponge. The solution remains on your face for a set period of time determined by the solution's concentration. The acid penetrates the skin's surface and separates its two layers. Once the desired layers are separated and removed, the acid is neutralized with water. These peels tend to be milder than others and can have a less dramatic effect on skin as a result.

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