Skincare Shocker: Women, Shave Your Face!

Skincare Shocker: Women, Shave Your Face!

I remember first learning to shave. Crouching over the running tub in a bathing suit, shimmery, raspberry-scented Skintimate splattered everywhere, trying to steady my quivering hand while grimacing at the gaping wounds (read: tiny nicks) on my ankle. I practiced and practiced because I knew it was worth it: I was going to have smoother, softer legs.

It makes sense; shaving is the perfect exfoliation technique. So why do most women consider shaving their faces taboo? In a YouBeauty poll, 33% of women admitted that they regularly shave their faces, but in secret!

Now, some of the country’s most exclusive dermatologists and aestheticians are breaking these shaving “rules” and sharing an unorthodox secret to a smooth, fresh face: dermaplaning.

During a dermaplaning session, a licensed aesthetician pulls skin taut and gently strokes a surgical blade over your face. The blade removes the layer of dead skin that’s responsible for dullness, shaves those fine “vellus” hairs – the peach fuzz most women have -- and helps prep skin for treatment products and makeup application.

“It’s super gentle when done correctly. It doesn’t cause inflammation or disrupt the delicate pH balance of the skin the way that microdermabrasion and peels can.” says Mary Schook, a NY and CA licensed aesthetician.

Interested in trying it? Make sure to go to a licensed aesthetician or see your dermatologist to find out if it’s right for you. If you want to go the DIY route, use a brow razor with a safety guard -- not a regular razor -- and definitely not sparkle raspberry scented shimmer shaving cream.

Medically reviewed in April 2020.

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