What skills enhance my strength for skating?

Resistance training that targets stability and strength are important to enhance skating ability. You can accomplish both tasks by performing certain resistance training exercises in a specific sequence called supersetting. Supersetting is performing one set of an exercise and immediately performing a different exercise for that same muscle group without any rest inbetween exercises. To improve both strength and stabilty, you can first perform an exercise like a dumbbell squat and immediately follow that with a single-leg squat. To perform a dumbbell squat, hold a dumbbell in each hand and let your arms hang by you sides; squat down to roughtly the height of a chair and stand back up. Make sure your feet and knees are pointed straight ahead and that your keep your stomach pulled in. This exercise focuses on strength improvements, so use a little heavier weight and perform 8-10 repetitions. To perform a single-leg squat, keep your hands on your hips and balance on one leg. Slowly squat down to about the height of a chair (or to a level that you can control) and stand back up. Make sure to keep the feet straight and the knees in line with with the toes. Because you are performing this exercise in a little more unstable environment, you are improving your stability. The weight can be a little lighter than what was used for the dumbbell squat (or just use your body weight) and perform 10-12 repetitions.

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