How do I warm-up for rollerblading?

To warm-up for rollerblading, use a combination of foam rolling followed by dynamic stretching. Foam rolling is a form of self-massage in which you apply pressure with a foam roller to tight areas of your muscle. This breaks up adhesions, or "knots", in the muscle and relaxes the muscle to allow for greater range of motion. Start your warm-up with foam rolling any tight areas like the side of the thigh between the knee and hip, inner thigh, and calves. Apply pressure on the tender spots in the muscle for 30 seconds. Then, perform dynamic flexibility exercises using 1-3 sets of 10 repetitions and a fast tempo. Dynamic flexibility exercises use the momentum of the movement to take the joint through a full range of motion. This helps prepare the body for the movements used during skiing and raises body temperature. Dynamic flexibility exercises are preferable to static stretching when you need your muscles to achieve a high level of performance soon after your warm-up. Examples of dynamic flexibility stretches include leg swings side-to-side and leg swings front-to-back. Make sure to activate the core by drawing-in the stomach when performing the leg swings.

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