Where and how should I start in-line skating?

In-line skating should always be started with a partner or instructor. The safest areas to begin are in uncrowded areas. If possible, avoid uneven or slick surfaces. Seeking instruction in balance training can help a newcomer to in-line skating. Balance training helps stabilize your joints during movement and can allow a person to feel more agile, coordinated, and skillful. Balance training can teach control which is needed for all recreational or professional sports. The first balance exercises you perform should include balance-stabilzation exercises that involve little joint motion. This will help the body by using the right muscles at the right time to maintain balance. An example of such an exercise is a single-leg balance reach. To perform this exercise, start by standing with the feet hip-width apart and facing forward. Engage the abdominals and gluteals while taking one leg off the ground and moving it straight ahead of the body. Return the leg slowly aside the balance leg without touching the ground. Progress by moving the leg to the side of the body, and then reaching around to the back of the body. Always return the leg to the start position slowly without touching the floor.

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