Are there exercises I can do at home to strengthen my skating?

Exercises can be done at home, but it is necessary to do them correctly and with proper technique. This means there should be no movement compensations, otherwise injury can occur. It is advisable that instruction for all exercises is given before starting an in-home program to increase effectiveness and reduce the chance of injury. It is also advisable to have exercise form checked periodically to ensure bad habits or compensations have not crept into the program. Some exercises that can be done at home are floor bridging, planks, push-ups, lunges, single-leg squats, two-legged squats, single-leg heel raises, and hops. For a beginner, little to no weight is needed when performing these exercises. For an intermediate to advanced skater, weights can be added and should be progressed. Make sure there is plenty of space to exercise and appropriate flooring to work on when performing any kind of in-home training.

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