What endurance drills can I do for skating?

Many skaters use jumping rope, rollerblading, or speed ladder training for endurance. Changing tempos and challenging speeds to match the need of the sport should be considered. A tempo is defined as the speed that each repetiton is performed. Speed ladder drills are a fun and challenging way to increase endurance. The fast footwork can increase coordination and endurance which are both important skills for skating. Quick thinking and controlled movement capabilities are challenged during speed ladder drills which can increase body control. An example of a speed ladder drill is the in-in-out-out. To perform this drill, stand behind the ladder with the feet and knees straight ahead. Use the right foot to step into the box, followed by the left, and then move the right foot out of the box, followed by the left. Repeat this pattern into the next box ahead. This exercise can also be performed backwards for more challenge and coordination requirements.

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