What are some alternative therapies to treat sinusitis?

Satish Govindaraj, MD
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Alternative therapies for sinusitis aren't government approved. In this video, Satish Govindaraj, MD, director of endoscopic skull base surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, discusses the dangers of some alternative therapies.
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In my practice I use several therapies to treat sinusitus which is inflammation of the sinus or nasal cavaties which may be caused by a cold, viral or bacterial infection, allergies, or fungus. 

-Rule out food allergies or food sensitivities. Remove the foods that are contributing to drainage, inflammation or allergic reactions.

-I may suggest using the Vitamin A protocol for 30 days to repair and help the turnover of mucous membranes in the sinus and respiratory tract.  We always use water soluble Vitamin A.

-Assess the surrounding environment that is contributing to the sinusitis.  It may be animals, local vegetation and trees, or seasonal pollens.  Many times if it is seasonal there are compounded antigens that can be made by the local pharmacist with local tree and plant antigens.  These antigens provide relief over time and can help to prevent the problems.  If the air quality in the home can be improved there are alternative solutions such as air purifiers to clean the air.  Keeping the home clean will also help.

-Morning lemon and cayenne water.  Warm water, a fresh organic lemon with a pinch of cayenne pepper will relieve the sinuses and lower inflammation.  This drink, taken daily can also reduce the mucous and flem associated with sinusitis.

-The netty pot and a saline solution before bed or after being outside in the elements is very helpful to clean all the debris and pollution out of the sinus cavities.

-If the patients vitamin D is low, I treat with optimal doses to raise the vitamin D.  Adequate vitamin D is essential to the immune system.

-Other things to consider with any inflammation is diet and gut health.  Proper essential fatty acids for inflammation and probiotics for healthy emilimination are important.  Seventy percent of the immune function is in the intestinal tract.

-There are homeopathic or herbal remedies that can be used to target the infection or bacteria but if the body is strong it should be able to fight it off in most cases. 

-With severe cases of sinusitis it is always important to rule out other causes such as black mold exposure, or tooth infections.  In which case both would need to be delt with before the infections could be healed.

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