Why can early puberty lead to teen pregnancies?

Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
It takes a certain amount of self -respect, or liking yourself, to control your sexuality and help you make healthy decisions about having sex. This self-respect is something that hopefully gets stronger and better as you grow and mature. 
It also takes basic information about sex and pregnancy to prevent pregnancy. It is easier to find and to understand this information when you are older. A girl who goes through puberty early, at age 9 or even older, has a body that may be able to get pregnant, but doesn’t always have the information or ability to protect herself from the sex that causes pregnancy.
We all need to work together to protect young girls from the harm that having sex too early can cause. If you have a friend who is physically mature, but doesn’t seem to have the help and support she needs to be safe, get the help of a responsible adult. This adult might be your parents, your health care provider, a counselor at school, a minister or other religious person, or a close and trusted friend.

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