What are the parts of the teen female reproductive system?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

Female anatomy is complex because everything is on the inside. So here’s the primer from the outside in:

  • Labia: the outside “lips” of the genital area; they can look different from woman to woman, and they actually evolved as a way to protect a woman’s private parts. The labia may hang low, past the length of the pubic hair, or remain close to the vagina, surrounded by pubic hair. If a lip of your vagina is long enough to get caught in your panties, this is worth bringing to your
    doc’s attention.
  • Clitoris: a tiny and sensitive nub of flesh that has many nerve endings and is associated with sensations of pleasure. A woman’s clitoris can become engorged with blood when excited, similar to the penis getting erect. Granted, a clitoris is much smaller, but it has just as many nerve endings, and stimulation of this area feels good to most women.
  • Vagina: an approximately six-inch opening lined with moisture secreting cells, made of really stretchy skin. That stretchy skin enables the vagina to accommodate a tampon or a penis, or pass a baby during delivery, ideally, with enough lubrication so that the tissue doesn’t tear.
  • Cervix: a doughnut-shaped tube at the end of the vagina connecting the uterus to the vagina.
  • Uterus: the organ often called the womb, where a baby grows. It lies between the cervix and the fallopian tubes, in the lower part of the pelvis, above the vagina.
  • Fallopian tubes: the highway for eggs (ova) from ovaries to the uterus.
  • Ovaries: where immature eggs are stored and mature eggs are released from approximately once a month.

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