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What can help increase my sex drive (libido) during menopause?

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    A number of options are available to manage your declining libido, depending on the cause. Discuss options with your practitioner.
    • If fluctuating hormones are affecting your libido, there are
             therapies available.
    • Review current medications and medical conditions.
    • Talk to your partner.
    • Consider counseling or sex therapy, or both.
    • Adjust lovemaking activities. Try warm baths before genital sexual
             activity, extend foreplay, incorporate massages, change your
             sexual routine, experiment with positions, discuss sexual
    • Use lubrication.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise most days of the week, and
             consume alcohol moderately.
    • Commit to new stress-management practices, like acupuncture,
             biofeedback, or yoga.
    Discussing your declining libido with your healthcare provider and partner is the first step to managing a healthy sex life. It is also a perfect time to build strong communication skills with your partner. The more your partner understands your menopausal journey, the more supported you may feel. If less sex is agreeable to you and your partner, enjoy other bonding activities. Men may also notice changes that can affect their libido. Being able to discuss your libido will open the door for him to connect and communicate as well.

    Going through menopause can be exhausting. Feeling good about yourself when everything is changing, from your waistline to your sex life, can be challenging. Often, non-hormonal options may rescue a lagging libido and spice up your sex life.
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