What product can be used for female libido?

Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
The sexual response cycle is broken down into libido, arousal, and orgasm. Libido is the desire for sex. Libido and problems with libido have not been well studied in women. This allows for much discussion and theorizing while we wait for more evidence to develop. Various professionals have given us input and ideas to think about.
The sociologists look at a woman's role in life. Does she have multiple jobs as in paid employment and homemaker and caregiver for young children or elderly parents? Does she have enough relaxation time? They propose that sex can seem just like another chore if her life is filled with too many chores already.
The teaching learning theorists point out that sex is a physical or motor skill and that we don't get better at motor skills unless we actually practice them. You can't play the piano from listening to recorded music or play football from watching TV on a Sunday afternoon. They recommend a minimum frequency of sex to improve libido.
The hormone-based folks have actually already shown in clinical trials that testosterone supplementation improves libido in women. Women do make small amounts of testosterone naturally. Adding to this amount, or supplying it if the woman is not making her own, improves libido. However, this product is not yet available from your pharmacy as safety studies are currently in progress. We do not know the effects if women supplement their testosterone over a long period of time. A healthcare provider can provide you with a prescription for testosterone cream to be made by a compounding pharmacist.

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