How can a woman get sexual satisfaction if her partner has a low libido?

Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD
When you don't address your partner's low libido, you may get to a point where he rejects any gestures of affection for fear it will lead to pressure for sex. In turn, you may become increasingly frustrated, more starved for intimacy, and feel rejected.

One solution is to embrace your desire differences and find a frequency that works for both of you. Consider what you really want. Is it to have more orgasms more often? If so, then masturbate some of the time. If it's physical intimacy with your partner you want, perhaps you can both share a bath or a massage -- without the expectation of sex. Make sure to kiss and hug each other just for the sake of kissing and hugging, without trying to have sex. Once you stop making every gesture of affection a proposition for sex, you may find that he starts initiating more often. For some couples, it can be very helpful to explicitly state that you are not interested in sex, but just want to have some physical closeness.

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