Top 10 Sex Boosters and Busters

Get Ready for Action
If your love life has gone flat, these secrets can give you some extra fizz.

1 / 11 Get Ready for Action

Looking for ways to spice up your love life? There's no reason not to, since healthy individuals can remain sexually active and interested well into their 70s, 80s and 90s. An active sex life may also help you feel and look younger, so why not maximize your sexual health and give your libido a boost, too? (Your relationship might benefit as well.) Get ready to have some fun—here's are ten things that can make or break a good time in the bedroom. 

Medically reviewed in January 2020.

1. Watch Rear Window, Not When Harry Met Sally

2 / 11 1. Watch Rear Window, Not When Harry Met Sally

Flicks, that get your heart pumping or your belly laughing—think action-thrillers or comedies—do more for your love life than those that calm you down. That's because things that arouse, rather than suppress, your heart rate and cardiovascular system significantly enhance sexual response. So yes, a zip-lining date or even a short run may do more for you between the sheets than another round of golf.

2. Talk a Little

3 / 11 2. Talk a Little

We don't mean just pillow talk. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your partner at all times can be a potent aphrodisiac. Intimacy isn't just about what happens between the sheets. It's also about understanding each other's moods, desires and likes. Being in sync with your partner? Now that's sexy. And it's never too late to start.

3. Fill Up on These Fruits

4 / 11 3. Fill Up on These Fruits

Healthful foods in general keep your body working better, which keeps your sex life in good working order, too. But some foods seem to give your love life a little extra oomph. Try figs. They're rich in amino acids that may set your desire afire. Or, if you're a guy, eat more bananas. They contain bromelain, an enzyme thought to boost male libido. And they're amazingly low in fat.

4. Eat These Stalks

5 / 11 4. Eat These Stalks

Asparagus and celery can also help with the horizontal tango. Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which is essential for hormone-building, and celery contains androsterone, a hormone released in male sweat that turns women on. (Seriously, it's been tested.)

5. Drink Ginseng Tea

6 / 11 5. Drink Ginseng Tea

When scientists reviewed a group of studies that looked at the sexual-healing powers of various foods, plants and herbs, ginseng demonstrated some real potential. Red ginseng contains little compounds called ginsenosides, which may help with arousal in both men and women.

6. Do the Little Workout with Big Benefits

7 / 11 6. Do the Little Workout with Big Benefits

For men, nature's Viagra may come in the form of pelvic-floor exercises. Women have long used pelvic exercises for a variety of problems. Recent research found that when men with erectile dysfunction did exercises that strengthen pelvic-floor muscles, about 40 percent of them regained normal function after 6 months.

7. Don't Keep the TV On

8 / 11 7. Don't Keep the TV On

Now that you know how to make things a little steamier in the bedroom, it's good to know what can easily put the kibosh on getting hot and heavy. Turn off the TV for starters. TV viewing is associated with an increased prevalence of erectile dysfunction. And really, when's the last time Conan put you in the mood? Hit the off button. Even better: Don't let a TV into the bedroom to begin with—unless you want it to make you feel this way.

8. Don't Make Too Many Toasts

9 / 11 8. Don't Make Too Many Toasts

Beer goggles happen. But while one drink may loosen you up, get you in the mood, and make the sort-of cute person next to you look a little bit like a rock star, too much alcohol diminishes sexual performance and sexual response (yes, this means your orgasm). In other words, neither giving nor receiving sexual pleasure will be as good—and, in some cases, you might not even be able to give (now we're talking about erectile dysfunction). So nurse the conversation when you go out, not another glass of Beaujolais.

9. Don't Ignore Unhealthy Habits

10 / 11 9. Don't Ignore Unhealthy Habits

Obesity, high blood sugar and clogged arteries mess with your love life and sex drive, as well as your ability to enjoy a long and healthy life. To clean up your act (and maybe get some action?), find ways to get more exercise and eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein and healthy fats. If you're already experiencing problems in the bedroom, see your doctor to find out what's getting in the way and what can help.

10. Don't Suffer Through Side Effects

11 / 11 10. Don't Suffer Through Side Effects

Certain medications, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, chemotherapy and drug treatments for high blood pressure, may contribute to erectile dysfunction in men, and reduce sexual desire and increase vaginal dryness in women. Don't just live with it, ask your doctor about possible solutions.

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