How can different scents help my sex life?

Eva B. Cwynar, MD
Internal Medicine
The power of scent and its ability to effect psychological and sexual changes is one of the Kama Sutra's recurring themes and has been qualified by modern science. Tapping into the power of scent to enhance attraction and lovemaking can be easily, quickly, and inexpensively accomplished by placing fresh cut flowers around the bedroom, sprinkling fragrant flower petals on pillows and sheets, or by using essential oils in bath water or in diffusers placed in the bedroom.

Interestingly, certain fragrant scents can also create positive impressions of us in the minds of others. According to studies conducted by Alan R. Hirsch at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Center in Chicago, women who wore lemony or other citrus-scented fragrances tended to be perceived by men as being younger than their actual age by five to seven years, while spicy-floral scents were found to make others perceive women as weighing as much as twelve pounds less than their actual weight. Dr. Hirsch's team of researchers also found that jasmine fosters receptivity in men, so you may try applying jasmine essential oil before going on a date. Lavender and pumpkin pie spice were found to be the most sexually arousing scents to men and enhanced penile blood flow accordingly. In the Kama Sutra and other ancient literature, cinnamon is used as a perfume to lure men into romantic embrace.
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