How can I recognize my soul mate?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

You do not need some unexplainable psychic experience to know that the person you are with is right for you. The idea of recognizing your soul mate instantly is very romantic and makes for a cute story to tell the grandkids, but it is far from the litmus test of a good relationship. Many couples take years to move from a comfortable friendship to the bond of deep marital love. The truth is chemistry, in the purely physical sense, is overrated.

The majority of marital unions throughout the history of mankind did not originate with two people falling madly in love and then getting married. This was possibly the method of choosing a mate back when we were hunter-gatherers. However, since we have moved on to agrarian/industrial cultures, most couples are lucky if they actually see each other before the wedding day. Even in this century, in many parts of the world, marriage is viewed as a financial arrangement, frequently determined by the parents, rather than the participants themselves.

Given this reality, I am convinced there must be something other than physical chemistry, which enables a couple to share an outstanding sexual relationship. It is far too important a part of human experience to be limited to people who are turned on by the mere sight of each other. Truly great sex, the kind that blows your mind and opens your heart, is far more about the soul than the body.

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