How does gender-based discrimination affect transgender people?

Gender-based discrimination is a serious human-rights problem that plagues the U.S society today. Violence, homelessness, police brutality, chronic underemployment, and poverty disproportionately affect transgender people. It is exceedingly difficult for trans people to access many services such as rape-crisis centers, emergency medical care, homeless shelters, group homes, and domestic violence shelters because these spaces are sex segregated. Trans people often avoid getting the needed medical care because of the discrimination and harassment they face in the health care system.

Trans people of color and low-income trans people are also affected by racism and class discrimination. Transgender and transsexual people also sometimes face discrimination within the queer community. Transwomen are sometimes denied entrance to all-women's spaces because they are not perceived to be "real" women, and transwomen who have intimate relationships with women are sometimes not welcomed into lesbian spaces. Those of us who are heterosexual can use our privileged status to challenge heterosexist laws and practices. Those of us who do not identify as transgender can fight for education on trans issues, safe and inclusive facilities and programs for trans people, and a greater understanding of gender outside of a binary system. For those of us who are queer or trans, it's important to fight discrimination, work for equal rights, take care of ourselves, stay healthy and safe, and find communities that accept and support us.

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