Thinking About Your Partner May Boost Your Mood

Thinking About Your Partner May Boost Your Mood

Feeling down, stressed out and low on energy can do more harm than good to your sex life. But one study that suggests there's an easy way to put your blue mood in check and give your energy a nice boost -- simply think about your partner.

That's the Power of Love
Researchers from University of Western Ontario reached this conclusion by measuring the blood sugar levels of 183 participants before and after they thought about their current partner. What's interesting is they found that blood sugar went up when the participants thought about their honey. The participants also reported a temporary boost in mood. But when the subjects thought about something neutral -- like a friend who was not a love interest, or their morning routine -- their blood sugar took a slight dip.

That quick spike in blood sugar is a sign of stress, say the researchers. Previous studies have shown that cortisol, a stress hormone, also jumps when people think about a romantic partner. But this is a positive type of stress, termed "eustress," that gives you a little physical and mental "rush." It’s been thought previously that this effect wears off after the honeymoon phase, but the Canadian researchers found that it also applies to couples who have been together for longer periods of time.

Getting in the Right Frame of Mind
Obviously, there are times when your relationship may not spark those warm and happy emotions, such as when sexual dysfunction has you feeling disconnected from each other. Just remember that no relationship is perfect, and they all need special attention to keep working over the long haul. If you're struggling to get the most out of love with your partner, consider the following:

Give in to optimism. That's right! Making sure those positive feelings about your partner don't fall by the wayside all starts with a positive mindset.

Always make the effort. The best way to keep relationship problems at bay is to get ahead of them before they become an issue. Here are a few ways to strengthen the bond with your partner.

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