How to Improve Your Sex Life

How to Improve Your Sex Life

Next time you have a dinner date with your significant other, make sure you follow it up with a little herbal tea made from saffron or ginseng.

The bedroom benefits of tea are well worth a trip to the nearest café. A study suggests that these seasonings may have the power to improve performance in the bedroom. So if you’re wondering how to improve your sex life, the answer could be in a delicious cup of hot tea.

The Spice of Love
Yep, a review of the literature suggests that food aphrodisiacs are not a total myth. When scientists reviewed a group of studies that looked at the sexual-healing powers of various foods, plants, and herbs, both ginseng and saffron demonstrated some real potential. Red ginseng, specifically, is suspected of having the greatest aphrodisiac effects, thanks to little compounds called ginsenosides, which may help with arousal in both men and women. Study results for saffron have been a bit more mixed, and it's not clear how it enhances sexual function, but it could be because of saffron's effects on blood pressure or mood.

And there you have it: The benefits of tea carry into the bedroom. Your search on how to improve your sex life could be that simple!

True Sexual Healing
While the recent news is intriguing, more research is needed to confirm the study results. So there's no reason to run out and drown yourself in ginseng or saffron tea or buy a bunch of supplements. In fact, doing so would not be prudent or healthy. But an occasional cuppa couldn't hurt. Still, remember that any sexual problems you may be experiencing—whether it's a lack of desire or difficulty with arousal—can have a medically treatable underlying cause. So talk with your doctor.

Medically reviewed in January 2020.

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