What is the PACE model for senior citizens?

Dr. Pamela A. Fenstemacher, MD
Family Practitioner

The PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) model for senior citizens is a program that provides medical care, nursing care, various therapies and other services. At the core of the PACE model is an interdisciplinary team and the care plan that the team develops. PACE is center based, so there is a medical clinic and an adult day center where elderly people can be during the day while their loved ones are at work.

For example, if elderly parents need to have someone take care of them during the day because they have some memory loss or some cognitive impairment, a home health aide from PACE may go out to the home, get them ready in the morning and bring them into the adult day center. If they have any medical problems or ongoing medical care that’s needed, they can be seen in the medical clinic. They also get meals and have activities during the day.

PACE also has a transportation department that will bring people to the center. After their day of activities they will be transported back home. If their family isn’t home yet, a home health aide may be sent out to their home to take care of them at the end of the day until their family arrives home.

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