Can a geriatric doctor replace a primary care physician?

A physician who specializes in the care of frail elders, or those with complicated medical needs, is known as a geriatrician. They often function as the primary care provider, but may also see patients in consultation. Not all older (over 65) patients need a geriatrician. Those with the good fortune to remain healthy and fit do perfectly well with a family care practitioner well into advanced old age. Others with more complicated health issues often benefit from transferring to the care of a geriatrician. Of note: with the baby boomers now entering the age of retirement - there are far too few geriatricians in training or in practice to meet the need.

Steven V. Gurland, MD
Internal Medicine
A Geriatrician has the training and the knowledge to provide primary care. If he is willing to be your primary care Doctor, then you do not need any other coverage.

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