Are there alternative treatments for degenerative scoliosis?

One alternative treatment for degenerative scoliosis is to strengthen the core muscles to take some of the load off the spine.

Dr. Steve Ventola
Chiropractic Medicine Specialist

There is always a wellness approach to any condition a person may have that can only help. In regards to alternative treatments for degenerative scoliosis first looking at improving lifestyle factors like nutritional intake, exercise therapy utilizing a stick from RPI of Atlanta, water intake, stress handling can all help to elevate the health status of someone with this condition. Secondly, nutritional supplementation to specifically feed the ligaments, muscles, tendons can be very helpful. Chiropractic healing techniques for the soft tissue can also be useful to relax and tonify responsive muscles helping to improve the condition or at least to slow down the progression of it. Depending on how far advanced the scoliosis is medical intervention may be necessary.

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