Can sciatica cause numbness?

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    Yes sciatica can cause numbness, pain and weakness. As a Chiropractor I see a lot of Sciatica, some come with pain, some with numbness, and a few with weakness. 

    The Sciatic nerve is a thick nerve with many branches. Most think of it as pain down the leg. Sciatica can produce symptoms in the groin, calf, big toe, thigh and buttocks to name a few.

    Chiropractic has very effective treatments including Chiropractic adjustment, Avalon Light Therapy, Cold Laser, Myofascial release, exercise, and stretching, depending on the origin of the problem.

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    Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain
    Symptoms of sciatica can include a pins-and-needles sensation, aches, sharp pain, or numbness that may travel from the lower back and buttock down the back of the leg, wrapping around the foot.  Watch the animation to learn more about sciatica.

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