What makes children stressed?

Lynne Kenney
Psychosocial stressors in childhood are varied. They may include social, familial, language, motor, academic, self-regulation, executive function, health, sleep, diet challenges and more.  Every child responds to stress differently. Generally, I tell families that stress is caused when the task demand exceeds the child's skill set.  Enhancing your child's coping skills will decrease their stress. Step 1: Help your child identify what makes him/her feel "stressed." (unhappy, anxious, angry, frustrated) Step 2: Generate solutions including new words, thoughts and actions to handle the stressor better. There are so many great books on this topic but I would start with Robert Brook's Raising Resilient Children.
Charles J. Sophy, MD
Adolescent Medicine

Many of the same issues that stress adults will stress a child. The manner and expression of that stress is what will differ between an adult versus a child.

Stress from lack of food, or sleep, school and/or home are among many of the triggers for stress in children

It is most important that parents interact with their children to build the solid connection that allows a parent to notice that their child is under stress and may need assistance

Children feel stress from school, family matters and concerns like bullying, friendships and reputations. They also feel stress when their parents worry about jobs, health problems and other matters. Studies show children are more likely to be happy when their parents are. 

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