How does language develop in a 5-year-old?

Language development in a 5-year-old includes:

Receptive language skills (what child understands)
  • carries out more complex commands of two or three steps
  • comprehends right and left
Expressive language skills (what child says)
  • uses sentences of five to six words
  • others understand most of what she says
  • begins to use "I" instead of "me"
  • has a working knowledge of most of the basic principles of her native language.
  • knows common opposites: big-little, hard-soft, heavy-light, etc.
  • defines common objects in terms of use (hat, shoe, chair)
  • follows three commands given without interruptions
  • grasps simple time concepts: morning, afternoon, night, day, later, after, tomorrow, yesterday, today
  • speech, on the whole, is grammatically correct

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