I had some short-term psychotic symptoms. Do I have schizophrenia?


While schizophrenia must be diagnosed by a doctor, having some short-term psychotic symptoms, especially if they lasted less than six months, does not necessarily mean that you have schizophrenia. There are some conditions that are similar to schizophrenia, including:

  • Brief psychotic disorder (a person experiences psychotic symptoms for a very short period of time, often between one day to one month);
  • Schizophreniform disorder (a person experiences symptoms that look like schizophrenia, but the symptoms last for less than six months. Sometimes this condition transitions into full schizophrenia, and other times it goes away on its own).

If you are concerned about any medical symptoms you may be experiencing or have experienced, you should consult your doctor. It is possible that your symptoms are caused by a completely different medical issue, such as a thyroid disorder or tumor.

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equiring medications and psychotherapy - which, for many people, can greatly improve quality of life.

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