Which schizophrenia medications are most effective?

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    It is hard to say which schizophrenia medications are the most effective, although clozapine may be most effective at treating psychotic symptoms. People are affected by medications in different ways. All antipsychotic medications can help to reduce hallucinations, thought disorders, and delusions in people with schizophrenia.

    Antipsychotic drugs work by blocking certain receptors in the brain, reducing psychotic symptoms. All of the antipsychotics block dopamine receptors, and atypical (second-generation) antipsychotics also block serotonin receptors. For some time, the second-generation medications were thought to be the most effective, but recent studies have shown that this may not be true. Unfortunately, the most effective drug at treating psychosis, clozapine, also has a serious side effect that requires frequent blood tests and monitoring by a physician. For this reason, many doctors do not prescribe the drug.
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