Can people recover from schizophrenia without treatment?

Douglas E. Severance, MD
Family Medicine
It is very unlikely that people with schizophrenia will recover without medication or therapy treatments. In fact, people with schizophrenia that do not seek treatment often experience one or more of the following complications:

• Problems with friends and family members
• Social isolation
• Poverty and homelessness
• Suicide

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that schizophrenia treatment can help individuals learn to live independent, healthy lives. With treatment, people with schizophrenia may be able to form and sustain relationships and employment. They may have the opportunity to offer guidance and support to others with schizophrenia in a peer-to-peer group therapy setting. In order to live a full life, individuals with schizophrenia should pursue professional help, including diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

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